About us

maintenance, conservation and restoration of archives and paper documents

Prodoc was founded in 2014 to offer prevention, maintenance and emergency management services as a result of damage, for the archival, library and paper heritage of public and private realities.

The company is a branch of Edam, a company with twenty years of experience in maintenance, remediation and restoration in the industrial, post-accident and environmental fields.

Prodoc was founded to integrate and complete the range of services that Edam offers to companies affected by the accident, with the aim of providing a single solution for buildings, machinery and administrative archives and allowing a rapid resumption of activities.

Prodoc is equipped with advanced systems and a paper treatment plant to cope with wetting, molds, infestations and other biodeteriorating agents.

Prodoc is an Italian excellence in the field of emergency management, securing and restoring archival, documentary and book material.

In every aspect of its activity, Prodoc avails itself of the collaboration of experts in the sector, to guarantee the maximum protection of the cultural heritage.

All the activities of handling, maintenance, securing, freeze-drying and restoration of books and documents are carried out by trained and qualified restorers.



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Our method

Risk preventive

Thanks to the inspections carried out regularly at the structures that sign the “Archivio Sicuro” contract, our risk managers analyze the structure, the assets contained and the different characteristics relating to the position, proximity to seas or rivers, sewage systems, characteristics of the land and foundations, identifying the possibilities and the different types of risk.

By contacting Prodoc in advance, it will be possible to prepare a Safety and Emergency Plan which, in the event of any type of accident, indicates the operational priorities and the location of the most valuable assets and materials in order to direct the intervention of the rescue teams.



An accident occurring on an archival and documentary heritage conservation institute or a company can reach high economic values: no further waste or loss of precious time must be added to the damage suffered.

In emergency management activities, Prodoc is careful to evaluate every action and every choice so that the best relationship between costs and benefits is always respected.



Prodoc guarantees its utmost commitment so that operational continuity can be restored as soon as possible before the emergency.

We also consider it our responsibility to ensure the integration and unity of efforts between all levels of intervention.

The work of Prodoc and that of public structures, together with that of the volunteers and operators present on site, must be exactly coordinated and converge towards a single purpose: to save people, goods and structures as quickly as possible.

Our strengths

Know how

We have state-of-the-art equipment, qualified personnel and innovative remediation techniques that allow us to cope with any type of emergency.


Thanks to the distribution of personnel and vehicles over different areas of the territory, we are able to intervene with maximum speed on the site of the accident, thus minimizing damage and economic losses.


We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, totally covering the entire national territory. For interventions on European countries, contact us.


Our customers can count on teams of competent professionals with many years of experience. Our technicians are constantly updated with dedicated training courses.


A network of experts supports us in the operations of sampling to be subjected to biological, microbiological and environmental analyzes for the verification of the conditions before or after the accident.

First Aid


Our emergency number 800.001.001 answers 7 days a week H24.

Our emergency response teams are specialized in:

Post-accident safety measures:

Immediate safety, remediation and restoration of damaged goods and buildings.

Paper archive rescue:

Recovery and restoration of damaged or contaminated paper archives.

Saving and restoring cultural heritage:

Securing, recovery and subsequent restoration of artistic, library, museum and cultural assets of historical, artistic and archaeological interest.

Microbiological analysis:

Collection of samples that we submit directly to biological, microbiological and environmental analyzes to verify the conditions and plan specific recovery interventions