Risk prevention

principles of preventive conservation and risk management for cultural heritage

Prodoc supports the owners of archival, book or paper-based assets in all aspects that make up prevention.

In the design phase of new storage spaces, we provide support for the identification of spaces, systems and furnishings, which are in compliance with the directives of the international standard for the protection of cultural heritage.

In the warehouse management phase, we design and install data loggers for the collection of thermo-hygrographic data and carry out the analysis by returning a detailed report on the temperature and relative humidity trends.

We also carry out entomological controls with the installation of traps with bio-chemical attractants.

In the emergency preparation phase, we work alongside conservators, librarians and archivists in compiling the risk analysis.

We support institutes in preparing the topographic of assets within the conservation institute.

Through the involvement of the personnel in charge of protection, we identify the key figures and help the staff to build the Emergency Plan and the plans for the evacuation of cultural heritage.

We help the client to identify the network of public and private entities that will take care of supporting the emergency containment operations.



Intervention request form

Guidelines for risk mitigation

Knowledge and identification of the assets that make up the heritage to be safeguarded.

Knowledge of the various media, both analog and digital, that make up the collection.

Drafting of specific checklists indicating the percentage of materials with respect to the totality of the collection, and their respective location in the building.

Identification of a conservation manager with the task of drawing up and updating the checklists.

Drafting of a topographical inventory that is the tool that shows the position of the various funds in relation to the plan of the building.

Preparation of an adequate level of security in all premises of the heritage conservation institute.

Systematic control inside and outside the building.

Installation and maintenance of safety systems and emergency devices.

Effective risk assessment through the analytical calculation of the probability of damage occurring and its potential entity.


Prodoc employs various tools and procedures to carry out prevention, maintenance and risk mitigation actions: