Archivio Sicuro

Risk management and prevention on archives

Archivio Sicuro® is a tool that allows the Manager of an archive, library or museum structure to embrace the culture of risk prevention and management with the aim of finding effective solutions at reasonable costs (sometimes even zero , simply working on prevention).

With the support of our risk managers and thanks to the use of the Heritup risk assessment application, an innovative system developed by the partner Mazzini Lab, it is possible to have a detailed report that allows the customer to obtain a vision of the level of protection and at the same time as that of operational risks that could threaten its documentary heritage.

With Archivio Sicuro® the customer is able to monitor his own risk levels and at the same time equips himself with tools, partners and means to stem emergency events at controlled prices.



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Some examples of risks


  • Flood/Fire – Fire, water and mud can forever endanger the historical memory of your archive.

  • Civil liability – The owner or manager of an archive or library is always responsible for damage caused to the documents managed. A correct preventive assessment of the reconstruction value of any damage and potential risks is an added value for the manager or the end customer.

  • Recovery of archives/libraries –  The search for a supplier (or multiple suppliers) can take many days without having a guarantee of results.

  • Loss of IT data – Without a Business Continuity plan, all businesses risk being idle for months with incalculable damage.

  • Production stop – A production stop of more than 3-4 months can lead to the bankruptcy of a company (source Assinews).

  • Pollution – There are different causes of post-fire pollution, the costs of the clean up processes can be huge.

        Get safe before emergencies occur

      Contacting Prodoc before an accident or a calamitous event occurs means adopting all the necessary measures to prevent its occurrence and being ready to face the event with the utmost preparation: in this way it will be possible to minimize the damage and contain the costs.

      Following specific company audits, inspections, surveys and analyzes, Prodoc studies the possible causes of disaster and identifies the possible risk factors in relation to the type of building and its contents. The result of all this work is represented by Archivio Sicuro®: a real risk plan that foresees and defines the alert, response and rearrangement phases.

      Archivio Sicuro ® is a complete prevention service dedicated to buildings used for the conservation and protection of valuable documents such as historical archives, libraries (public and private), museums and their content, i.e. historical documents, parchments, old books etc.

      With Archivio Sicuro® you get an analytical document, to be kept constantly updated, which represents our prevention protocol, and includes:

        • Indication of a person in charge and / or coordinator of first emergency response
        • Training and preparation of emergency teams
        • List of priorities
        • Organization of the main escape routes
        • Organization and indication of backup copies
        • Provision of topographic software to identify the exact allocation of important documents