Insects and rodents infestation

Salvage and recovery of documents, archives and books

The paper materials, if not properly stored, can be damaged by paper insects and rodents that cause erosions and holes as well as by microorganisms and molds .

We can find infestations by cockroaches, lepismatids (silverfish), liposcelids (book lice), anobids and dermestids (woodworms), termites, mice (mus musculus, rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus) and other less common rodents ( squirrels, dormice, etc.).

In these cases, it is first of all necessary to ascertain whether the infestation is still in progress and then choose the type of intervention to proceed with.

Prodoc thanks to a team of microbiologists and entomologists is able to find the right solution that combines effectiveness, adequate response to the type of threat and calibrated costs.



Intervention request form

Document recovery in case of insects and rodents infestation: intervention methods

In the event of an infestation, Prodoc intervene on two fronts: the damaged documents and the environments that must be disinfected.

  • We evaluate the intervention and rescue priorities.
  • We then recover and sort the documents and volumes, according to the degree of damage and infestation.
  • If the environment is still infested, we can decide to proceed with the complete evacuation of documents (damaged or not) in order to preserve them from further degradation.
  • After on-site cataloging, we transport the documents to our laboratory to subject them to the most suitable treatments depending on the type of pest.
  • Together with the relevant departments of EDAM (parent company) we proceed with the clean up and sanitation of the environment.
  • At the end of the decontamination, if necessary, the documents are subjected to leveling, reconditioning and housed in folders with a neutral ph.

The work process in emergency situations

We receive the alarm following a claim:

Our emergency number is active 24/7.

We immediately activate our emergency teams:

On the site of the accident we activate all the procedures useful to secure the damaged goods and to avoid any worsening of the damage occurred on them.

We prepare the damaged material for restoration:

After an assessment of the accident carried out by expert restorers, we examine together with the customer the best activities to undertake to prepare the material for the restoration operations.

We proceed with the restoration activities:

The restoration of damaged goods can be carried out directly on the site of the accident or in our laboratory.