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Leading professionals in paper recovery

Prodoc staff is specialized in dealing with and resolving issues and accidents involving paper material that put their conservation and integrity at risk such as: fires, wetting, mud, debris and dust from collapses, molds, infestations and other biodeteriorating agents.

Prodoc is equipped with advanced systems and a paper treatment implant to deal with small and large emergencies that can occur in archives, museums, libraries and all other places dedicated to the conservation of paper and parchment material.

Our company also offers additional consulting and intervention services for preventive conservation and restoration of cultural heritage of different origins and different materials.

Our strengths

Know how

We have technological equipment, qualified personnel and innovative restoration techniques that allow us to cope with any type of emergency.


Thanks to the distribution of personnel and vehicles over different areas of the territory, we are able to intervene with maximum speed on the site of the accident, thus minimizing damage and economic losses.


Our customers can count on teams of competent professionals with many years of experience. Our technicians are constantly updated with dedicated training courses.


A network of experts supports us in the operations of taking samples to be subjected to biological, microbiological and environmental analyses for the verification of the conditions before or after the accident.


Our Emergency number 800.001.001 is active 7 days a week H24.

Our emergency response teams are specialized in:

Post-accident safety measures:

Immediate rescue, clean up and restoration of damaged goods and buildings.

Salvage of paper archives:

Recovery and restoration of damaged or contaminated paper archives.

Saving and restoring cultural heritage:

Securing, recovery and subsequent restoration of artistic, library, museum and cultural assets of historical, artistic and archaeological interest.

Microbiological analysis:

Collection of samples that we submit directly to biological, microbiological and environmental analysis to verify the conditions and plan specific recovery interventions.


Prodoc is a competent company for the management of emergencies involving archives and libraries, and can provide support for securing damaged material and for saving it.

Prodoc can also count on the support of the experience and machinery of the EDAM company to promptly manage any type of emergency within archival material storage rooms, and on the expertise and support of the SOS Archivi Association, created precisely to bring together experts in the sector and create a collaboration network capable of guaranteeing greater protection and safeguarding of the archives present on the national territory.

We deal with:



Molds and fungi


Insects and rodents


Prodoc has a large laboratory equipped with all the instruments useful for restoring archival and book materials.

In addition to the tools for the minute and particular processing of individual damaged documents, the company also has large tools useful for processing large quantities of material.

In particular, inside the laboratory there are two suction tables, equipped with HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter), and a freeze dryer.

The suction tables are used in the processing of paper materials to avoid the dispersion of toxic or irritating substances into the air during the cleaning of documents.

The freeze dryer is used for drying wet books and documents.

We deal with:


Biological analysis

Anoxic disinfestation






At Prodoc we also support you in the maintenance operations of your archival and documentary collections.

We advise you on the best activities to undertake to maintain the optimal conservation conditions of your cultural assets.

Scheduling maintenance activities on the material over time allows us to act promptly to eliminate small risks which, if neglected, can seriously threaten the integrity of our precious cultural heritage.

Among the activities we recommend for the maintenance of the collections:

  • microclimatic and air quality controls in the storage rooms;
  • controls on possible entomological infestations;
  • dusting of premises, shelving and documents;
  • control over the storage of the collection;
  • replacement of any structures and materials unsuitable for conservation;
  • and so on…

We plan maintenance interventions on:




Paper materials



It is essential that the activities aimed at maintaining the optimal conditions of the material are included within a lasting and long-term strategic management plan, and are not implemented only in the event of an emergency following a calamitous event.

At Prodoc we help cultural heritage conservation institutes to implement a strategic path of maintaining optimal environmental conditions, implementing risk management policies, training employees and ordinary people in the correct approach to documentary assets.

With all our customers, we would like to emphasize the primary importance that a safeguard approach must assume as a result of planning and organization, and not only the result of sporadic management actions carried out exclusively in emergency situations.

Our prevention activities:

Risk and prevention

Archivio Sicuro


Emergency plans