Replacement of storage materials

prolonged storage over time starts from envelopes and folders

In order to guarantee a prolonged conservation of paper documents over time, in addition to a correct control of the thermo-hygromentric conditions, it will be necessary to identify containers made with suitable materials.

Many times the degradation that leads to the browning of the papers can be stopped by replacing envelopes and folders with non-acid material and free of acetic or vinyl glues.

At the end of the cleaning, sanitizing and restoration activities, we provide the client with certified envelopes and folders suitable for long-term storage with alkaline reserve and anti-fungal treatment.



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Guidelines for proper storage

The cardboard of the folders must be suitable:

It must be made of neutral, non-acidic material, and it must be made specifically for the storage of archival material.

The folder must be closed on all sides:

The folder must ensure the protection of the contained material against dust, humidity and particulates that can deposit on it.

The folder must be of adequate size:

The folder should have an adequate size to hold all the material without it being folded or wrinkled, and without leaving too much empty space around the documents.

Avoid any metallic elements:

Avoid using metal staples and pins to hold the sheets together inside the binder: over time, in fact, they can rust and cause serious damage to the documents.

Avoid using plastic envelopes:

Avoid combining the papers inside plastic envelopes: they are subject to a faster decay than the paper and risk yellowing the sheets and damaging the inks.