Monitoring and maintenance

planned activities to avoid unexpected events

Archives, libraries and conservation institutes are responsible for the collection and conservation of volumes, goods and paper or parchment documents which, by their nature, are easily damaged by time and bad conservation.

The protection of their assets is entrusted to various environmental factors and the application of correct procedures.

The non-optimal microclimatic conditions, in fact, favor the development of biological agents, such as molds and bacteria, and the proliferation of insects that can damage the materials.

There is a standard, UNI 10586 1997 “Documentation. Climatic conditions to document storage of graphic documents and characteristics of lodging”, which defines, in fact, the microclimatic parameters suitable for the storage environments of graphic documents consisting mainly of paper and membranous material in historic buildings of new construction.

The monitoring of the conservation environments must not be limited to the capture of insects or the detection of the presence of molds and fungi, but must also include the constant control of the thermohygrometric conditions.

Periodic cleaning and general inspection of all environments is also recommended, especially those in which constant use is not expected.



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Risk prevention

 Prodoc takes care of all the prevention activities necessary to keep the environments healthy and suitable for the conservation of archival and documentary assets:

Systematic control of all the conservation rooms and safety and air conditioning systems.

Evaluation on the disposition of the assets: analysis of supports, furnishings and storage rooms.

Constant monitoring of air conditions, also remotely, with reports containing the analysis of the trend over time of the thermohygrometric parameters.

Search for the causes of parameter variation in case of non-optimal air conditions.

Restoration of environmental conditions through the design and execution of dehumidification interventions.

Control of the materials used for the storage of assets.

Pest control to verify the presence in the storage rooms of fungal colonies, insects or rodents.

Risk analysis and assessment of vulnerabilities and mitigation systems.


Prodoc employs various tools and procedures to carry out prevention, maintenance and risk mitigation actions:

Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance activities are designed to keep the asset in an optimal state and in particular Prodoc deals with:

Biological analyses to identify the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Disinfection and disinfestation activities.

Cleaning through manual dusting activities or with aspirators equipped with HEPA filters.

Replacement of the unsuitable conditioning material.